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Swift Capri 1990 Talbot Motorhome Sticker Graphics – SET OF

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DESCRIPTION: Swift Capri Talbot Motorhome Sticker Graphics

YEAR: 1990
DESIGN: Printed Vinyl
SIZE: As per original specifications
COLOUR: Red and Black
OTHER: Choose Model Number Required when ordering

Set includes: 3 Pairs of Fill Stripes. Single Rear Swift Panel Sticker. Single Roof Set Stickers. Pair of Handed Side Model Name and Model Number Panel Stickers. Pair of handed Door Panel Stripes. Pair of Handed Front Wing Stripes.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the differing lengths of these models. you may need extra sets of ‘fill stripes’. Contact Us. if additional stripes are required. for a discounted price once full set purchased. Laminated version available.


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